Job News: Top 8 Science Companies Hiring Today, Big Data Handling Equals Large Compensation? [VIDEO]


Data science handling jobs had long been deemed by industry experts to rocket up in the not-so-distant future. Today, data science jobs rank in the top spot for most searched jobs by fresh graduates for their exciting engagement and large compensation, lest situated in the online domain.

Check out and apply at the top 8 data science companies. They are hiring now.

The Data Science industry can be very broad since it encompasses various skills at one time. Even at very specific areas, an applicant may still find it difficult to find tasks that match his/her skill. In some fin-tech companies, academically-inclined roles are more needed namely research analyst, data handling, information management, etc.

For the advantage of the applicants, the SiliconRepublic has ranked our top 8 Science Companies promising quality jobs and large compensation in Ireland.

Find the best one for you:


A globally-ranked professional services company, the Accenture is now hiring for the most competitive data scientists and research analysts to maintain its standard tech management system. The company is famous for its highly-efficient digital technology solutions delivery standards.

2. AOL

The AOL  or known fully as the American Online is an American is a multinational mass media corporation that digitalizes science information into products as The Huffington Post, Engadget, TechCrunch and many others. It is presently hiring candidates for analyst roles, data managers, data scientists, etc., SiliconRepublic reported.

3. Aon

The AON  Company is a large online provider of risk management, insurance and reinsurance brokerage. It is also a leading in terms of human resources management, as well as solutions provision. It is presently hiring for the best data consultants, handlers and even scientists to manage its immense information system.

4. Bank of America Merill Lynch

The Bank of America Merill Lynch or known simply as BOFAML  is another giant player in the data science industry. The company had long served as a merging for not a few business sectors in America. It partners with thriving companies by providing the best financial solutions to them in the hope that its associates gain the exact global standard for any financial firm. Because of that, the Bank of Merill Lynch is once again opening its positions vacant for the best data analysts. It is one of the highly-regarded firms that yield high compensations.

5. Fidelity Investments

The Fidelity Investments Co. is another big-time finance solutions-providing company that is presently hiring analysts and data handlers. It boasts as a pioneering mutual fund company in the internet.

6. PayPal

The PayPal or PayPal Holdings, Inc. is an American company centering as a payment systems operator for multinational counterparts. Its online money transfer methods have modeled a number of similar money transfer systems and attracted job seekers. It is now hiring analysts to station in its main site. Nevertheless, it promises satisfying compensation to full-time employees.

7. Pramerica

Life at Pramerica is indeed growing better by each technological leap. Apparently, it is more than just a tech site such that it has high demands for its staff. With its parent company, the Prudential Financial, Inc.'s generous traits handed down into it, it sure compensates well to deserving data and science analysts.

8. Version 1

The Version 1 is a top online firm established in Dublin, Ireland that delivers technology solutions and services needed for transforming their customers' businesses to a boom. It is currently hiring for the best data engineers and analysts.

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