How To Be Debt-Free In The University: Learn From 19-Year-Old Academic Champ, Parmar! [VIDEO]


Want to be finally debt-free in the university? Take it and learn from 19-year old academic champ and UK's IT Consultancy Capgemini, Radhika Parmar. A soon-to-be BSc Hons Degree in Digital and Technology Solutions awardee, Parmar believes she's got what it takes to inspire the next generation of university enrollees with necessary pointers in finally freeing the self from university debt after college. The big question: "Will there even be the slightest chance"?

Rhadika Parmar, aged 19 has just completed the first year of her degree in the apprenticing course offered by the IT Consultancy Capgemini and she is already downright confident with what the future might throw her path. All these feelings of excitement and confidence felt by the 19-year-old college student can be credited to the apprenticeship program itself, BBC News reported.

While, there are only a few programs offered in the UK with the likes of the Capgemini's, the number of debt-free graduates can also only be counted in the fingers. And for this very reason, academic champ, Parmar decided to impart all her experiences to sway future university enrollees to choose the path she chose and become debt-free individuals after graduating college.

Here are top 5 tips to become debt-free in the university:

1. Always enroll for higher apprenticeship schemes offered in your university. This will help you earn a degree and earn money at the same time. Nevertheless, you also get to earn the necessary experiences to become a master in the field that you choose.

2. Suppose your university does not offer one or two of the said program, be prepared to settle for the least tuition fee grant, as not to balloon out the percentage of your debt when you graduate.

3. I think apprenticeships are the way forward - you get your experience alongside being able to work - uni just doesn't offer anything as good as that, Parmar stated in the Guardian.

4. Do not be ashamed to ask for financial assistance from your parents. If you are in good terms with your parents and the rest of your family members, then I don't see any problems with you asking for the slightest help possible.

5. Put everything you learn from the university to practice in your job, Parmer stated in BBC News.

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