Gates Foundation Hands $210 Million Dollars To University Of Washington For Improved Healthcare Facility! [VIDEO]


Bill and Melinda through Gates Foundation hand $210 million dollars to University of Washington for improved facilities for healthcare research in the university. The University of Washington academics were very much delighted in return, especially that this is the first time in the university history that a single donation this big has ever arrived.

The main beneficiary of the $201 million dollar donation is a research facility in University of Washington cited to serve as a laboratory for advanced efforts in healthcare and general humanitarian welfare.

The arrival of the donation was announced, Tuesday. The delivery did not take that much time since the Gates foundation is only miles away from the Seattle campus, ABC News reported.

The donation was previously indicted by the project started by known academics from the said university. The project deals with population health initiatives and the solutions needed for improving environmental factors, healthcare access, equity and general humanitarian across the globe. The total cost needed for completing the facility rates $230 million dollars.

"This is really much more than about a building. The building is really about catalyzing a vision an initiative that we launched last spring to really be first in the world in terms of population health", UW President Ana Mari Cauce said in Business-Standard reported.

Such effort by university has been widely accepted and praised by academics all over the U.S. Bill and Melinda Gates, nevertheless, was among the advocates moved by the project. Ultimately, the project acknowledges the fact that health isn't just about the absence of disease but also includes a whole horizon of fulfillment in the human needs like education, quality of life, freedom and equal rights.

What is most promising about the project yet is inclusion of performance art among the human healthcare initiatives. Thus, the possibility of the research facility being a creative hub is also very much likely, Fortune reported.

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