Nintendo 3DS releases firmware update 11.2.0-35U [VIDEO]


Nintendo calls their latest Firmware update version number 22.3.0-35U. Nintendo America has already posted the official details of the Nintendo 3DS portable console in their official website. The details below provides information related to this update.

The Nintendo 3DS firmware version 11.2.0-35U can be downloaded via wireless internet connection. Its key improvements include the stability of the overall system as well as other minor adjustments that will enhance user experience, Attack of the Fan Boy reported.

This may not be considered as a major update since it does not come along with new features. Maybe there will be more interesting updates that Nintendo has reserved for next year through the release of the Nintendo Switch console.

This update also assures its users that the physical stability of the 3DS will remain as physically stable as possible, thus, this update blocks programming inroads coming from pirates who are fond of exploiting. A stable online connectivity is also needed to successfully download the said update, Nintendo Life has learned.

Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch has been marketed for being a hybrid console; therefore, it can replace both Wii and 3DS. There is already an official confirmation that physical Wii U and 3DS games are not compatible anymore as soon as the new console will be released next year.

Digitally transferring the 3DS or Wii U games into the Nintendo Switch is a cool sight to see. This is because both consoles have fun games with them. What Nintendo will announce next year still remains to be seen, since Nintendo has opted to remain mum about any further information that they could release related to the Nintendo Switch.


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