Microsoft Surface Book 2 Features Are Very Impressive! [VIDEO]


Hybrid devices are currently on trend, probably because it offers more interesting features. Tech Giant Microsoft has started developing their own version of their device in 2015 through the Microsoft Surface Book. 

The MicroSoft Surface Book is as portable as a tablet but is equipped with a functionality of a laptop. It also sports an elegant design and possesses the powerful Windows 10 OS.  According to Fab Newz, after more than a year since the first release of the Surface Book, fans are looking forward for the Microsoft Surface Book 2.

Reports were surfacing about the Surface Book 2's development, wherein one app developer paid a visit to the Microsoft 88 building center and saw a Surface device with a "Coming Soon" label. Although it is not yet confirmed if that device is indeed a Surface Book, there are other sources which claims that Microsoft is having experiments about other devices for the Surface line.

There were also three similar placeholders that were positioned beside it, and it is marked with the year "2017." With that, it may be safe to assume that the Surface Book 2 might be coming in 2017.

According to reports, the Surface Book 2 will have a better and more efficient docking system, as compared to its predecessor. It has two batteries, one is intended for the Clipboard and the other is for the keyboard. According to V3, it is said that the Surface Book 2 build is composed of a magnesium alloy formula, which provides a durable body and weighs lighter.

The processor for the Surface Book 2 is the seventh generation Core i series chip from Intel, which is called Kaby Lake. Through the help of this processor, the Surface Book 2's display will be able to manage 4K Ultra HD content. Surface Book 2 will also feature a Surface Pen Stylus.

It is without a doubt that the Surface Book is still under development, since it is expected to be revealed in 2016. However, given the previously mentioned information, the Surface device may be released either in 2016 or 2017. It is also expected that Microsoft may make a formal announcement about it in the Windows 10 event on Oct. 26.


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