iPad Pro’s Price Decline Leads to Update of MacBook Line [VIDEO]


Latest reports say that iPad sales are not matching up with Microsoft Surface tablet PCs. The iPad was developed by Apple in order to give their customers a product which will supersede the PC. However, Apple is seeing a decline in their tablet sales for already seven consecutive quarters.

The iPhone has proven to live up to Apple's expectations for it. Due to the  decline in smartphone and tablet sales, Apple seems to be refocusing on the redevelopment of the Mac, a product which was not given equal attention for the past years . The Mac lineup was not put into the main line for a matter of time already, wherein Apple has only one Mac product that has an updated chipset as of this time, and it is the 2016 MacBook.

There were two iPad Pro models that Apple launched on Nov. 2015, wherein Apple was clearly targeting PC users to have iPad as an option, instead of the usual PC. A few months later, Apple has released a 9.7-inch model of the iPad Pro but did not skyrocketed Apple sales due to its high cost and its similar iOS for iPhones, Technology Everyday reported.

Apple has made it worst when they wanted to exceed Microsoft through the launching of a soft keyboard, yet this did not compensate Apple's lack of software productivity. Since the tablet sales have still not gone high, Apple is now conducting an event for the updating of their Mac lineup. This is Apple's Plan B, since the Plan A for iPad has certainly not worked despite numerous efforts, First Post reported.

Meanwhile, it was emphasized that the upgrade cycle has a significant impact on the iPad's decline in sales. Tablets are not mainly used for productivity tasks, as it is only intended for secondary purposes, therefore, people do not find an urgent need to upgrade their tablets. Smartphones, on the other hand, have already upgraded its features, wherein some even exceed user convenience in reference to tablets.

In other news, Microsoft Windows 10 has exceeded the competition with Apple, in terms of hardware and software. Hopefully, Apple's plans with their Mac will soon get the company to recover.


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