'GTA 6' Release Date Pushed Back To 2020? Rockstar Deletes Wrongly Earned In-Game Money [VIDEO]


Looks like "GTA" fans are in for a really long wait until Rockstar Games announces the next installment in the hit action-adventure video game series. In other words, "GTA 6" release date is not in the cards, at least until 2020.

Avid gamers are no stranger to long hauls when it comes to some games' releases. For instance, GTA's huge fanbase waited for five years for Rockstar to release "GTA 5," so it's hardly surprising that some gamers are already waiting with bated breath for "Grand Theft Auto 6" ("GTA 6") even though the game developer has not even confirmed the next installment.

Rockstar Games is known for taking its own time for coming out with its games. There were several years between the announcements of the first three "GTA" games. The gap between third and fourth installments, on the other hand, was a staggering seven years. The gap between the fourth and fifth releases was nearly half a decade.

If this is any indication of the time frame for Rockstar to come out with the later installments in the "GTA" franchise, it looks like the earliest fans can expect the studio to announce "GTA 6" is in 2018.

Despite the lack of an official announcement from Rockstar, fans continue to speculate about "GTA 6" release date, which is not likely to be in near future. Another report from NeuroGadget claims that "GTA 6" release date won't arrive until 2020.

Amidst reports indicating that Rockstar has started working on "GTA 6," some sources claim the highly anticipated game will come with virtual reality (VR) capability which is actually why the "GTA 6" release date has been pushed back.

In other news, Rockstar cracked down "GTA Online" cheaters by deleting tons of 'GTA Dollars.' Players who accumulated a lot of in-game money by the means of exploits and mods were in for a surprise today as they noticed a colossal deduction from the virtual bank account.

Rockstar is calling today's purge as "GTA Online October 2016 Illegitimately Gained In-Game Money Removal" on its support page. Stay tuned for more updates!

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