'GTA 6' Release Date Confirmed For 2020 [VIDEO]; Why Is The Game Delayed?


Rockstar Games is still riding on the success of the current "GTA 5," and much to the dismay of "GTA's" huge fanbase, the game developer does not seem too keen about revealing its plans for "GTA 6" release date.

Rockstar's "Grand Theft Auto 5" centers on two nearly psychotic criminals and a virtuous young man. It's pretty obvious that the game studio took a couple of additional years to release the game on the PC MasterRace even with some inevitable delays. Following the game's release on Steam platform, it raked up a record breaking of approximately 200,000 active players at the time of launch, SteamCharts reported.

The success of "GTA 5" paved the way to the "GTA Online," where players can delve into the open world together. Although both games were a success, Rockstar Games has already announced that they are not focusing on "GTA 6" release date at the moment because the game developer wants to work on "GTA 5" and its other updates.

Aside from this, rumors doing rounds suggest that the multi-million budget needed to kickstart the sequel is hindering the company. It already cost a whopping $256 million to produce "GTA 5," which implies the "GTA 6" release date will depend on the magnitude of the next budget.

Moreover, rumors are rife that "GTA 6" will come with VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) support, NeuroGadget reported.

If this is proved to be true, "GTA" buffs might be in for a really long wait as it will take more than just a few years to get a definite "GTA 6" release date.

The usual release pattern for "GTA" game is five years apart. If Rockstar follows this release trend, "GTA 6" should be released in 2018; however, some industry observers suggest that "GTA 6" might take two years more before it finally hits the store shelves. This means, the highly anticipated successor to "GTA 5" could be released in 2020.

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