'GTA 5' Mod: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Sticky Bombs Added To The Game [VIDEO]


The controversy plagued Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 has made its way to "GTA 5."

Samsung is currently having a bad time and it's no secret. Amidst reports indicating that the Galaxy Note 7 handsets are exploding, the South Korean company decided to discontinue the production of the handset. To make matters worse, the replacement handsets are said to be bursting into flames as well.

But a "GTA 5" mod has come up with a more useful application of the infamous handset. Now, a Samsung sticky bomb is available at the local weapon store for players, 5Mods reported.

These bombs are strong enough to take down even a helicopter. The mod was developed by HitmanNiko and it replaces the usual sticky bomb with a Note 7 handset. For more personalized havoc, players can change the handset's color and wallpaper.

Here's the "GTA 5" mod video showcasing the carnage caused by the Galaxy Note 7.

"GTA" Re-imagined As A VR Game

Virtual Reality is expected to take the gaming realm by storm, but some zealous gamers can hardly wait to delve into the virtual reality format of their favorite games.

In line with this, YouTube moviemakers at Corridor have released a short film that envisions "GTA 5" as a VR game, with Trevor Philips featured as an AI trainer, VG 24/7 reported.

The video shows a man who puts on the VR glasses and is immediately transported to a living "GTA 5" world. Steven Ogg, who portrays the role of Trevor in the game, gives out instructions to the headset's user via a sort of tutorial. All this happens on the busy streets of Los Angeles.

The footage showcases sights that are norm in "GTA 5," such as cars colliding into each other, jets crashing into all sorts of things, and so on. Although the visuals are not of the highest level of quality, it's quite a well-realized production nonetheless.

The team behind the video also released an accompanying footage that shows how this was all put together in just about seven days.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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