Google Pixel XL: There’s Something Different in Google’s Post-Nexus Device [VIDEO]; Google is Working on Pixel Phones 2017? [RUMORS]

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There's something different spotted in the refreshed and rebranded Google Nexus lineup particularly in Pixel XL and this has something to do with Google Assistant. On the other hand, could it be possible that the success of Pixel phones leads to another successor in 2017?

Impressive Google Assistant

Google Assistant is one of the most notable features of Pixel XL phone and having other say "this is how we're supposed to interact with smartphones." According to Forbes, Google has done a good job in providing platform for conversations between user and bot.

Example of an excellent job done by Google Assistant is when a user asks about the best restaurants in a certain location, Google immediately proceed to listing down the top rated restaurants in a form of a card. Another works of wonder done by Google Assistant is showing the menu, identifying directions and what time a particular restaurant opens and closes.

Google Assistant is a perfect alternative when the user doesn't want to spend his time on Google search and Trip Advisor or Time Out for manual searches. Google Assistant, in its conversational format is enough to provide users contextual and concise information.

However, Google Assistant has its own downside. The users need to hand all of his data to Google for the AI to work. For example, the user shall give Google permission to monitor every activity without having assurance from the search giant as to how the data is being used.

Nevertheless, Google Assistant is not coming out in Android 7.1 Nougat that is reportedly rolling out in Nexus phones and Pixel tablets in December. According to Digital Trends, Google Assistant will be one of the unique features in Pixel phones.

Google Pixel Phones 2017

Though Pixel phones is picturing out higher sales for Google, the search giant has not given any clues if they are going to work out on Pixel phones successors in 2017. According to Digital Trends, Google's goal for the meantime is to make Google Assistant widely available to users. 

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