Microsoft Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 Struggles for Apple; Outselling the MacBook Pro 2016 and iPad Alternatives [VIDEO]


The Surface brand of Microsoft has just proven that the Windows-maker is not only remarkable in software but also in hardware department. Will the soaring sales of Microsoft Surface Book and Surface Pro knock off the latest MacBook Pro 2016 and the upcoming iPad Pros?

Microsoft High Surface Revenue

Second best in terms of market and sales shares, Surface Pro and Surface Book has taken home $926 million of revenue to Microsoft recently, which is roughly 38 percent higher than the $672 million of revenue in 2015, Forbes reported.

For this matter, it appears that Microsoft is not concerned on having a head-to-head battle with chief rival Apple when it comes to retail. Rather, the windows-maker goal is to build up a community which can attest that the Surface brand is innovative alongside Windows 10.

Though it has been a rough ride for Microsoft when they introduced the Surface hardware back in 2010, the current Surface models are considered to be "best of class" under the Window-powered devices. In relative to that, Windows 10 coupled with cloud services are said to be the most notable features of Surface Book and Surface Pro 4.

Surface Devices Outselling MacBook Pro 2016, iPads

The recent Microsoft Surface Book 2 is said to have very impressive set of features including internal specs. According to PC Advisor, an Intel Kaby Lake laptop by Microsoft is said to be introduced on Oct. 26 during a Microsoft Event in New York.

Aside from Surface Book 2, other products such as Surface Pro 5, Surface phone and Surface all-in-one PC are expected to be launched in the said event. Decent specs are perceived to have been installed in the mentioned products, thus, outselling the MacBook Pro 2016 and iPad brands for that matter.

However, there is another possibility that Microsoft won't be launching the Surface Book 2 on Oct. 26, rather announcing it in 2017 alongside the newest operating system called Redstone 2. 

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