‘Final Fantasy XV’ Latest News: Complete Guide On Day One Patch Improvements [VIDEO]; PS4 Pro Version Not Getting Enhancements


"Final Fantasy XV" was previously announced to be released on Sept. 30, but the expected date did not push through as planned due to Square Enix's decision to further improve the game. Following this, additional details reportedly started to emerge, including Day One patch that brings camera improvements and the initial five chapters that last up to 15 hours of gameplay.

The "Final Fantasy XV" begins with zero introduction or any sort of prelude, bringing gamers to try out quests immediately that seem not in line with the primary story. In fact, the side quest allows gamers to explore more of the game's domain. Among the most distinct features of the game is the battle system, wherein the players may utilize another weapon during a combo attack. Another ability that Noctis may reportedly do is the Warp Strike that can be used to get away or perform a sneak attack on the opponent.

"Final Fantasy XV" is also expected to get a Day One patch that comes with minimal changes like improvements on camera movements. According to reports, this is among the several reasons for the delayed launch. Although there are more improvements that will come with the patch, Square Enix has not given any official details of this. "Final Fantasy XV" has been announced to arrive for the PS4 and Xbox One on Nov. 29, GameSpot reported.

Meanwhile, "Final Fantasy XV" players are said to be expecting a significant graphical enhancement to game's PS4 Pro version. However, the developers have recently confirmed that the Pro version will not receive major improvements over the base PS4 version. This is due to the fact that there is not enough time for the developers and that they have just maxed out the PS4 processing with the game.

"Final Fantasy XV" PS4 Pro version In the future may likely use the system capabilities, given the needed time and some dedication. However the game has reportedly used up the PS4 horsepower, Gaming Bolt reported.

Watch "Final Fantasy XV" 50 Minutes of Gameplay here:

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