'FIFA 17' Update: First Patch Brings Biggest Changes; How to Find Free Hidden Ultimate Team Coins [VIDEO]


"FIFA 17" first patch has been released by EA sports, following its launch on the PC and gaming consoles.

According to reports, the patch brings substantial and significant update to the soccer simulation video game, which was launched in North America on Sept. 27 and for the rest of the world on Sept. 29. Reports also indicate that the first patch considered a lot of suggestions from the game community.

The "FIFA 17" first patch has brought the biggest changes in the aspect of its gameplay. In addition, the patch also looked into some minor technical glitches and bugs that have been observed by the players. The update has been noted to have improved the passing responsive while the ball is in the air.

Prior to the update, the accuracy rate of passing was unpredictable at times, and brings damage with an attack when the player moves towards the other part of the field. The positioning problems for goaltenders and harnesses judgement  for contested headers on situations like corner kick.

Similarly, the "FIFA 17" update also enhanced the presentation and visual aspect of the game. Also included is the English Premiere League's broadcast package in the game, adding more realism to a very realistic soccer video game. Among the new features that provide direct improvements include physical player overhaul, set piece rewrite, new attacking techniques and active intelligence system, What Culture reported.

Meanwhile, one of the main sources of coin drain in "FIFA 17" Ultimate Team is the player fitness. According to reports, player's fitness reduces by 20 percent after a match, requiring a certain amount of coins to keep them fit. This means that almost 40,0000 coins are spent to keep the team in proper condition every after match.

The FUT coins are compensated by selling the Manager cards, since people purchase the packs in the deck for quite a price to increase their team attributes. However, only the Gold Manager cards are reported to be of good use and the others could be sold, MobiPicker reported.

Watch video about "FIFA 17" First Patch here:

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