'Dark Souls 3' Update: Patch 1.08 Brings Fix Poise Stat, Better Attack Animations; Reshade Mod Brings Animation To Lotric Backdrop [VIDEO]


"Dark Souls 3's" new patch will reportedly address issues that players have been experiencing since the game was launched. Set to be released this week, patch 1.08 is expected to fix several issues, including a tweak to poise stat that has brought confusion among players.

Although poise stat has been in "Dark Souls 3" from its release, complaints like not having any impact were reported by the fans. With the new patch, such feature will be addressed to be more effective for heavier armor and weapons. However, it remains to be seen if the tweak will be noticeable.

"Dark Souls 3" patch notes are expected to bring changes in the game, such as improvements in the regular attack animations of the great sword, ace, fist and scythe category weapons. A bug is also fixed where strong attacks that were done through Pickaxe consumes multiple times of stamina for each attack and attacks using whips do not give additional damage when completely charged. In addition, the "Onislayer" weapon skill hitbox timings for Ubadachi and Onikiri were adjusted, including those in the claw category "Leaping Slash."

Moreover, "Dark Souls 3" patch also brings improvements on "Wrath of the Gods" weapon skill animation for the Holy Sword of Wornir, the "Shield Splitter" for Irithyll Rapier and Mail Breaker, the "Blind Spot" for Handmaiden's Dagger and Corvian Greatknife and the "Wolf Leap" for Old Wolf Curved Sword.

"Dark Souls 3" is set to receive its initial two DLC titled "Ashes of Ariandel" on Oct. 25. The game is now available on Xbox One and PS4, Attack of the Fanboy reported.

Meanwhile, "Dark Souls 3's" 50 Cell-Shades mod is reported to bring animation to the grim Lothric backdrop. According to the mod creator, Axcalay, the toned-up Reshade for the game came out so well that the fans should give a try. Also, the instructions on how to experience the Reshade mod are found at the official Nexus page, PCGamer reported.


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