‘The Fall’ Series 3 Finale Trailer Shows Spector’s Denials [VIDEO]


Spector was interrogated by the police, yet he claimed that he has forgotten any of the murders he has committed. He was thinking that it is still the year 2006, around seven years before he began becoming a murderer.

Gibson (Gillian Anderson) is not convinced about this memory loss of her antagonist, thus, she is firm to see Spector being put into the courts. She may have evidence that may convict Spector for all of his crimes, and she is confident that she can finally convince Spector to speak once and for all.

The trailer for the finale is 20 seconds long, which shows Gibson interviewing Spector after having recovered and transferred to prison. Spector told his lawyer about the police as being clever, he continued on saying that the police have something involving him that he can't actually remember, as posted by Digital Spy.

Gibson demands Spector for a confession, as she calls Gibson by his birth name Peter. She asked him to drop the charade, assuming that Gibson remembers everything. Aside from these details, a little information is only known about how the drama's ending would be like and how would Spector be charged for all the crimes that he has committed.

This series tells us that Dornan will not be further involved in this highly-acclaimed thriller, although the show might still have a fourth run, according to Express UK. There will be two parts for the finale, the first part is a one-hour episode to be show on Thursday and the second part is a one-hour long episode also which will air on the next day.

So the question is, will Spector be finally charged for all of his crimes, or there will be more twists about his murderous character? The show will air at 9pm on BBC Two.


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