'The Defenders' Update: Sigourney Weaver To Play One Of Marvel Villains [VIDEO]


Actress Sigourney Weaver has made a great revelation during the NYCC last weekend. The actress went up to the stage at the "Iron Fist" panel, and eventually revealing that she will play the role of the lead villain in Marvel's upcoming "Defenders" series.

Marvel and Netfilx have definitely made some great news recently through this. Weaver has not yet identified which among the characters she will be playing; however, the character will surely be combining the traits of "Daredevil," "Jessica Jones," "Luke Cage," and "Iron Fist." 

There are seven possible villains that Weaver might give life to in "The Defenders", according to IGN. Viper is a character that appears in both "Daredevil" and "Iron Fist," wherein this character is also a superior to Hydra. She is a proven skilled assassin and is a master of poisons. Despite the repetitive appearances of Viper in other Marvel series, it is still possible that Marvel Studios will choose her.

Silvio Manfredo, a.k.a Silvermane, leads the big criminal organization Maggia. Maggia is similar to Mafia, but its members possess a superhuman ability. In his career as a villiain, he was just an ordinary crime lord; however, he has evolved into a super-strong cyborg. 

Isabella Gnucci or Ma Gnucci in the criminal underworld is a controller to the influential mafia families in New York. She is engaged in a war of revenge against Frank Castle. Her role would even be highlighted if Punisher will join the show.

Another possible character is Alexander Bont. He serves as the kingpin of New York's criminal underworld before Wilson Fisk has taken over the throne. Alexander Bronth murder Jack Murdock just because he failed to join in a pivotal boxing match.

Roxxon is a villain that usually appears the Marvel Universe. The question is - which among Roxxon's leader will Weaver play? Dario Agger could be a possible pick. Dario is the current CEO of Roxxon, and is certainly an evil and entertaining character.

The Hand is an organization which interconnects with numerous branches and numerous lieutenants. The Beast serves as a demon that utilizes the hand, in order to fulfill his plans for death and destruction. It could be possible that Weaver will play as a vessel for this ancient demon to use. The Hand became too focused in looking for the "Black Sky" in "Daredevil" Season 2. It is also possible that Weaver will take on the suit of this Character in "The Defenders," Comic Book Movie reported.


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