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‘Scream’ Sheds More Blood in Halloween Special [VIDEO]; Mr. James Shows Up


"Scream" 2-hour Halloween special did not deny its viewers with their demand for blood, claiming a higher body count in all of the season. Within the show's first ten minutes, there were already three deaths, and this includes the sexy serial killer Kieran.

According to the Observer, the story continued for the remaining members of the Lakewood Six, whose existence was intertwined among their struggles. Emma was doubtful about her future in college and is even interested in pre-med, disregarding the fact that she has involved in bloody events over the years. Audrey was involved in a normal relationship with Gina, and Brooke was reflecting on making a future in New York with or without Stavo.

The Halloween Special involves Gustavo and Noah, as the two characters are working on writing a new comic for their publisher. This is the main reason why they embarked on a journey to the island.

Another good way for a group of serial killers to reflect on their lives is to take on a weekend getaway to the location of a Lizzie Borden-esque tragedy that was made by book editor Jeremy. The Shallow Grove Island is how we would picture it out to be, along with all of its hot locals.  Alex stood out among all of the hotties, who is actually a killer, as revealed by TV Line. He was really not an antique-store owner, a mansion caretaker, island sheriff, or a book editor.

Emma has learned something about serial killers from all of the show's previous seasons. However, she still can't figure out who is she going to date or not. There is also a new character in town, and his name is Brandon James. The "Scream" franchise will be featuring a six-episode this season, and its production is still ongoing but the end of the show is still definitely not yet predictable. 


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