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‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ Trailer Teases Movie Storyline [VIDEO]


"Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" trailer has finally arrived.

The trailer is available in two languages, and has 90 seconds of run time. The material contains impressive one-liners, background song "Hooked on a Feeling," and two incredible action shots. In this volume, the team reunites and has been added with two members who joined them for their next adventure.

The video that was posted in Comic Book showed Drax first through a good shot of his back. Next is Gamora, who is in a forest while wearing a pissed off look. The Star Lord was introduced with his full gear and twin guns while standing at the end of a tunnel. Gamora was fully introduced through featuring her signature sword, as she goes into action, while Rocket and Yondu were walking as Ravagers, and falling from the sky into both sides.

The video also shows Nebula has her hood pulled back, and it looks like she is being taken. The Star Lord then rockets away, eventually making the team assemble. The Baby Groot was shown towards the end, peeking through Rocket's shoulder after he blew a hole.

According to Latest News Headline, the footage showed Rocket and Yondu falling into a jail. The Ravager said that they will deliver the two to the Kree in the morning then the Baby Groot was put into a cage and in a Ravager outfit. Yondu wants Baby Groot to help them. A prototype fin was worn on his head, and he came back with underwear, a detached toe, a mechanical eye and a desk.

Baby Groot was secretly stealing some item, and then brought the fin with him. Music played after a Ravager can be seen to be shaving his head. The Ravager has the fin. Yondu, Baby Groot, and Rocket fought with the Ravagers, and eventually killing 20 of them with just one whistle. They continued to walk through the huge Ravager base while taking out the Ravagers that they see. 


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