'The Simpsons' Parodies 'Making a Murderer' [VIDEO]


Modern pop culture has been quite impressively adapted by long-running shows like "The Simpsons," which has been running for around 28 seasons already. This time, the "The Simpsons" made a parody on Netflix's "Making A Murderer" combined with a "Pitch Perfect" inspiration for its opening credits. The clip show's Itchy's payback time, after how many years of regularly murdering Scratchy with impunity.

This clip depicts the opening series of "Making a Murderer," which is a hit Netflix documentary series. The parody includes a gloomy theme song, and a sentimental restoration of Itchy's family picture. After the parody, the credits sequence for "Making A Murderer" followed, then the clip showed a usual Itchy and Scratchy scene that showed a slaughtering of a gullible cat by a mouse at a meat stand. Lisa and Bart Simpson can't just resist the killings while watching it in their couch.

This segment by the Simpsons is not surprising at all as FOX cartoons has been a consistent source of satirical an parodies on TV, according to Indie Wire. The writers and animators of "The Simpsons" have not failed to adapt pop culture into the world of the Simpson. With the constant releases of new types of shoes, "The Simpsons" will not have a hard time existing for years more.

This short segment of "The Simpson's" parody of "Making A Murderer" is quite impressive, knowing that they have made it within a short time frame. It has already been proven that episodes for the "The Simpsons" will take more than a year before it can be produced. Considering this, Making A Murderer has only become sensational last December, therefore producing this parody is quite quick in reference to "The Simpsons" standards.

All the relevant details for "The Simpsons" were reported by Cinema Blend. This FOX cartoon is being aired every Sunday at 8:00 PM, EST.


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