iOS 10 Jailbreak Latest News: Developer Finds Exploit [BUT] No Public Release; Secret Gem In iOS Code Discovered [VIDEO]


iOS 10 Jailbreak seems very likely as revealed recently by two prominent developers. According to reports, Luca Todesco demonstrated a way to jailbreak the system through Mobile Substrate. However, no Web browser or tool for the jailbreak solution is reportedly made available to the public.

The recently discovered exploit by Luca Todesco will not be released to the public, which means that fans may have to wait a bit longer for the iOS 10 Jailbreak. However, reports suggest that there is likely a chance that others may work deeper into finding a solution and recreate the exploits discovered by Todesco. Nevertheless, the recent jailbreaking exploit for Apple's latest firmware is a good sign for the jailbreak community, indicating the likelihood of a public release by either Pangu or TaiG.

Furthermore, Apple reportedly stopped signing iOS 9.3.5, which means that iOS 10 users may no longer downgrade to iOS 9 if their device supports the older firmware version. Given that, both iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 users are out of the game, considering that the handsets come with iOS 10 out-of-the-box. Aside from that, the Cupertino-based company is also reported to have stopped signing the iOS 10.0.1, which is the first iOS 10 made available to the public on Sept. 13, WCCF Tech reported.

Meanwhile, Apple developer Steve Troughton-Smith has reportedly discovered a secret gem in the iOS code base after hacking the iOS Simulator, which is the one-handed iPhone keyboard. According to reports, the keyboard, which was designed to enhance reachability, is activated by either right or left-swiping from the regular iOS keyboard edges. With that, the keys shift to the side, reducing the width of the buttons and placing the copy, paste and cut buttons within easy reach.

The unreleased feature discovered by hacking Apple's software that allows the simulation of the iOS on Mac for development is expected to be used on a jailbroken phone, although it has not been tested yet. The findings of Smith, which he posted via Twitter, revealed that the keyboard is hidden in the iOS code since iOS 8, but was never made available to the public, TechCrunch reported.

Watch video about Cydia download for iOS 10 by Luca Todesco here:

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