Nintendo NX Gigaflop Comes As Fixed Mobile Console? Wii U-Like Power Integrated [VIDEO]


Nintendo NX Gigaflop is based on GPU GFLOPs that the console is reported to provide. On that account, there are two features that are expected to come with the Japanese-made device.

The Nintendo NX Gigaflop is reported to be a fixed or mobile hybrid type of console, which means that it is something that can be plugged into the TV like an ordinary console. However, it is also something that can be taken on the road or be used in a form of a mobile gaming gadget.

Aside from that, the console is also expected to function on a Nvidia Tegra Soc, which, according to rumors, will have 3x to 4x the GPU power of the Wii U. But as the launch date comes closer, it appears that the SoC will likely be the new NVidia Parker or a version of it, considering that NVidia Parker is made towards automotive applications.

In terms of GPU power, the NVidia Parker gets to be rated at 750 GLOPs or FP32. On the other hand, the Wii U is rated at 176 to 352 GFLOPs. With 3x to 4x that could be 528 to 1408 GLOPs, a broad range that includes the NVidia Parker Soc.

Furthermore, given that console makers usually ask for custom hardware, it is likely that a custom Parker may come with more Pascal CUDA cores. According to reports, Parker contains 256 of cores if this were increased up to 50 percent, putting out 1125 GFLOPs that could fall within the broad range claimed by the rumors, Seeking Alpha reported.

Meanwhile, Nintendo NX is reported to release next week, which means the fans may finally witness the big announcement as it happens on Oct. 21. There are also speculations suggesting that a special Nintendo Direct will also take place this October.

In addition, some rumored leaked materials claim that a "Super Mario" title will be released with the console. Despite the previous reports that the console will be delayed, retailers are reported to get demo units in February prior to the planned March release date.

Nintendo NX is expected to cost $299, while a bundle will be available for $399, Express reported. Watch a video about Nintendo NX powered by Nvidia Tegra.

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