'Arrow' Season 5 Episode 3: WWE Star Stardust Faces Stephen Amell's Green Arrow; Felicity Smoak Confesses


The much awaited face-to-face battle between Stephen Amell's Arrow, and WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes a.k.a Stardust finally happened on "Arrow" Season 5 episode 3. Rhodes portrayed a zombie-like villain, Sampson.

The episode is titled "Stardust," which is a direct reference to Rhodes' WWE ring name. It started off with the Green Arrow chasing after the criminal that has information on a new drug called "Stardust." The new members of team arrow watched through a monitor in the training area. Oliver was able to get a sample of Stardust in the interrogation.

Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) was not confident to let his team go out in the field. With that, Wild Dog was displeased with them being sidelined.

Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) and Oliver received a tip of a B&E crime. After that, Detective Billy Malone revealed himself to be the one called them. His intention was to give the Green Arrow important information regarding the killer of one of Mayor Queen's anti-crime unit, and the killer's connection to Tobias Church.

Diggle was imprisoned and he saw Floyd Lawton a.k.a Deadshot in the cell. When his wife visited him, he learned that the former Taskforce X member, Lawton, died in a mission with Diggle. It means that the guy he saw may just be a figure of Diggle's imagination.
Wild Dog and Evelyn Sharp disobeyed Oliver by going after the gang behind Stardust, and going up against its leader, Derrick Sampson. Their encounter led to Sampson falling into chemicals for producing Stardust.

Oliver thought Sampson was dead, but later on, he learned he was still alive. This time, Sampson can no longer feel pain, and has superhuman strength.

Since this villain overpowered the Green Arrow . Realizing, Oliver decided to let his team back up him. This time, they were able to stop Sampson.

Meanwhile, Felicity admitted to one of the members of Team Arrow that she is responsible of redirecting nuclear bomb to Haven Rock, which was supposedly targeted to Monument Point.

Meanwhile, "Arrow" Season 6 episode has been released online, Comic Book reported. Here's the sneak peek.

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