'Arrow' Season 5 New & Spoilers: Bratva Leader Has Been Cast; A Classic DC Actress May Appear In The DC TV Universe [VIDEO]


The DC Comics TV universe on the CW has been on point with the quality of their tones, and even more so with the quality of performance that their actors and actresses have been bringing every episode of every season. But it is important to realize that another aspect of their success is how well they have been bringing in a group of memorable actors and actresses from past DC shows.

In the topic of memorable artists from past DC projects, a report from CinemaBlend seem to suggest that actress Margot Kidder, who portrayed the role of "Lois Lane" in the 1978 classic DC film, "Superman" is quite interested to join DC's CW TV universe.
Kidder stated when asked whether she would be up for joining any of the CW series, that it would depend on they script and what the showrunners would want her to do. She also said that with her age, she looks back at the idea of joining a fantastical universe with more amusement than she did when she was still part of the Superman movie franchise. As of the moment, Kidder is residing in a small town in Montana, and keeps herself busy with political activism. She thinks that it would be fun to fly-in to one of the CW sets and do a couple of days work.

On another CW DC show, according to DenOfGeek, "Arrow" seems to have cast their Bratva leader. "The Equalizer" actor, David Meunier has been cast for the recurring role of the intimidating and slick Pakhan of the Bratva named, "Ishmael Gregor" for season 5. Meunier's character will take a special interest in Oliver Queen, portrayed by actor Stephen Amell.

It would seem that Ishmael Gregor would be heavily featured in the flashbacks, but like "Deathstroke," he may transition into the present storyline, and feels like someone who would like to be pulling the strings and hidden in the shadows.

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