Next Generation Kirin 960 Processor Announced By Huawei [VIDEO]


Huawei introduced their new next generation chip called Kirin 960.

Huawei's new Kirin 960 features an octa-core processor configuration that uses 4 of ARM's new high-performance Cortex-A73 and 4 low-powered A53 cores. The chip is produced using a 16nm architecture, and the company boasts that the Kirin 960 is the first processor to employ Mali-G71 MP8 GPU; however, it is rumored that Samsung will use Mali-G71 MP8 GPU in its Galaxy S8 next year.

According to Android Central, Huawei tested the Kirin 960 device against an iPhone 7 Plus and a Samsung Galaxy Note7, wherein the test showed that 13 out of the 14 most common used apps in China, Kirin 960 launched the apps the fastest as opposed to the two competing devices.

Kirin 960 will integrate native CDMA support, allowing it to cover the markets where the standard is still being used. The chip will also support 4CC for LTE, and this adds extra channels for data throughput which they say would make the device hit peak data speeds of up to 600Mbps.

Cat.12 and Cat.13 are supported for downloads and uploads, respectively. Kirin 960 will support radio frequencies from 330MHz to 3.8GHz, allowing for a wide range of global carriers. In addition, Huawei also improved performance and boasts of 100 percent reliability for such situations as data usage on high-speed trains.

According to Android Authority, the Kirin 960 will use a new Image Signaling Processor (ISP) that creates clearer images with improvements in fine detail reproduction, bringing users' images "closer to the vision of the human eye." However, this will still depend on the actual optics of the smartphone's camera.

Furthermore, Huawei claims battery life is improved with the i6 inside the Kirin 960. It allows users to play "Pokemon Go" from only half a day to 1.2 days due to a low-power GPS. Another feature is security, as mobile payments are claimed to be embedded into the SoC alongside 4 billion transistors, making it more difficult to crack the encryption.

Huawei didn't announce which handhelds will use the new Kirin 960, but it may come in their new flagship Huawei Mate 9.

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