New iMac Is Bigger: New iMac Design Sports In 27-Inch Display; Check Out Added Features! [VIDEO]


The new iMac is now bigger as it comes in a 27-inch screen display.

On Oct. 20, Thursday, Apple introduced its fall iMac redesign. This time, it is bigger and made by aluminum, which seems it remained the same, Cult Of Mac reported

During the event "Today in Apple history," the tech giant introduced the new iMac as the first Macintosh to come with a built-in CD-ROM drive, aside from sporting a 27-inch display and LED-backlit widescreen display.

Apple is expected to hold an event on Oct. 27 at the company's Cupertino Headquarters, wherein the main agenda of the event is to introduce a new MacBook Pro. There are invitations that were sent out to press on Wednesday, Oct. 18. 

The image has a text that reads "Hello." This is not new anymore as Apple has used this term since the original Apple II, Apple Insider reported.

Blast from the past, on Apple DOS 3.1, which was released in 1978, the "hello" program may automatically launch on boot, allowing for rudimentary program selectors if there was more than one title on the disk, or to start the launch sequence of a single title on the disk.

iMac 2016 Specs

The new generation iMac is expected to feature graphic chips from AMD's Polaris set, which has been announced this year. It can be recalled that the Advanced Micro Devices or AMD won the contract in October, wherein the agreement of both parties includes providing two chipsets known as the Polaris 10 (which was known as Ellesmere) and Polaris 11 (which was named as Baffin) for the new iMac. According to reported, these processors will appear in "new desktops and notebooks from Apple."

There is also a rumor suggesting that Polaris graphics chips will bring virtual reality. According to AMD's Roy Taylor, the new GPUs are about to expand the market for VR. He added that AMD completed the shrink to 14nm, which means that the company can produce GPUs that will run the minimum spec of a VR at a lower cost,

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