Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explosion Solution: Just Turn It Off?; Cause Of Explosion To Be Revealed In The Coming Weeks [VIDEO]


South Korean tech giant company Samsung urge owners of the Galaxy Note 7 to turn off their devices. There will be an ongoing investigation, wherein the cause of Samsung Galaxy Note 7's explosion will be unveiled soon.

In a recent report, Samsung releases a statement telling the public that the company has permanently stopped producing Galaxy Note 7, adding that the company prioritizes the safety of the users, The Guardian reported.

Before this announcement, the company said it was "adjusting production," referring to the Galaxy Note 7. On Monday, Oct. 10, a spokeswoman said that the new model is safe; however, later on, the final decision to end production and sales of the Galaxy Note 7 were announced.

In September, Samsung recalled about 2.5 million phones after a series of complaints which involves exploding batteries.

One of the reports that prove that the phone has a major issue is a man from Kentucky, who woke up to a bedroom full of smoke. The smoke came from a replaced Note 7, according to BBC. This proves that even the replaced units have the same technical issues.

Meanwhile, Samsung engineers have started to look into the cause of these explosions, and according to the Samsung spokesperson, the investigation is underway. It seems Samsung engineers are scrambling to find an answer and conclusion, as they can't find the cause of the fire, according to NDTV.

In a previous report, the team were unable to make the Galaxy Note 7 catch fire even after running several tests, thus, it makes difficult for them to discover the source of the problem. Since the root of the exploding batteries problem remains unknown, several theories are circulating online.

One theory suggests that the flaw of the phone was in the size of the batteries made by Amperex Technology. Another theory suggests that SoC is the main issue.

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