'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Trailer, Release Date, News, Update: 3 Chracters in Plushie Forms, Watch The Extended Preview!


The new "Pokemon Sun and Moon" trailer has been released, wherein it unveils a new pokemon and its features. In other related news, there will three pokemons in plushie forms that are expected to be released.

In the trailer video, it revealed a dog-like Rock-type Rockruff which can evolve into Lycanroc, but will vary dramatically depending on which version of the game that a player is playing, according to Nintendo Dojo.

The publication added that Sun owners can get its Midday version which is focused more on speed, while Moon owners will get its Midnight version that contains stronger attacks. There is also an ape-like Pokémon in the trailer video. This character is Passimian, a Fighting-type that will only appear in Sun, while Moon owners will get Oranguru, a Normal/Psychic type.

Meanwhile, popular characters Eevee and Pikachu will have their own Z-Moves. Eevee gets Extreme Evoboost, which increases all of its stats, while Pikachu gets Catastropika, an extremely potent electric attack.

In other news, during the weekend, the extended "Pokemon Sun & Moon" anime preview was released. In this "Pokemon" variety show preview, Ash meets Samson Oak, Professor Oak's cousin who is the principal of his new school.

The new character Samson is also an observer of how Alolan region has changed its pokemon, according to Crunchy Roll. The video also shows Professor Kukui, Ash's home room teacher. He is also his guardian while living in Alola. Pokedex will be possessed by a Ratom in this show.

Speaking of Alolan, "Pokémon Sun and Moon" game has a new setting that allows Alolan version. Aside from that, three pokemons are accounted for in plushie forms.

So what does it mean? These three pokemons, Raichu, Vulpix, and Meowth will be released as 12cm-tall stuffed toys. These stuff toys will available in February 2017.

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