Halloween Party In University Of Florida? School Advises Students About Costumes

By , UniversityHerald Reporter

Some costumes can be scary. But others point out that it can become quite offensive. Which is why the University of Florida is setting up a counseling program for students.

The counseling program is available for students who are working their way out of any past offenses experienced from Halloween costumes.

According to the University of Florida school administration, some Halloween costumes reinforce stereotypes. Stereotypes that are offensive include particular races and colors, cultures, genders and even religions, cites CBS. The school is trying to set up a way for students to work past any offenses.

Whatever these wearers' intent may be, the costumes worn can become negative stereotypes. In turn, it causes harm and offense to certain individuals and even groups of people. "If you choose to participate in Halloween activities, we encourage you to think about your choices of costumes and themes," the school advised. The U of F's goal is to make sure students do not only enjoy Halloween, but also have a fun and safe Halloween.

"If you are troubled by an incident that does occur, please know that there are many resources available," says the school's blog site. While this may be a serious program set up by the school, it has been met with humor or sarcasm by many.

On Twitter alone, students and even those not from the school are poking fun at the situation. While it may seem like a joke to many, the school stresses that they are not joking.

The school administrators have set up a 24 hour hot line for students to call if they feel that they are in need of counseling. There is also a Counseling and Wellness Center that they can approach. In addition to this, U of F has also set up a Bias Education and Response Team to handle reports of any discriminatory situations.

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