Stephen King Chair In Literature, Now Hiring In University Of Maine

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In honor of University of Maine's most famous graduates, the school is creating a Stephen E. King Chair in Literature.

But that does not mean the famous author is getting the position. That honor goes to an English professor the school chooses.

The University of Maine is now accepting applications from different English professors to fill the position, cites Seattle Times. When an English professor becomes a chair, the appointment will then begin in August next year and will hold the chair position for five years. The chair position is also renewable. This position will have undergraduate education as its central focus. Also, the position is partially endowed by the Harold Alfond Foundation.

Why did University of Maine suddenly came up with this kind of position? It is to honor Stephen King himself. Author Stephen King is the University of Maine English Department's celebrated graduate.

Stephen King studied at the University of Maine in 1966. He graduated in 1970 with a degree in English as a Bachelor of Arts. During that time, he wrote a column for "The Maine Campus," the school's news paper. His column was titled "Steve King's Garbage Truck." He spent most of his time attending writing workshops and even took odd jobs to pay for his course. As a student, he worked as a janitor, an industrial laundry worker and even a gas pump attendant.

After he graduated, he did not became famous right away. He sold short stories to the Cavalier - a men's magazine. He tried to teach in high school but he couldn't find a post right away. Later on, he was able to teach at Hampden Academy.

Now, he is a well known American author. And to make sure his works are commemorated, the Fogler Library at the U of Maine holds many of his papers. Some of his written work are now being adapted into movies, such as his novel "It."

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