'Fallout 4' PS4 Mod Update: What Fans Can Expect When Mod Goes Live? [VIDEO]


"Fallout 4" is finally getting mod support on PS4, which was confirmed by Bethesda in a statement released through the official website of the game. Based on the announcement, a PS4 Pro enhancement will be coming to the game, including better graphics and lighting features.

"Fallout 4's" upcoming mod support is a notable development for Sony and Bethesda. In September, the developer reportedly revealed that mod support for PS4 would not come due to some issues with Sony. According to reports, the Japanese company refused to approve the user mods based on the way they should work.

However, reports indicate that "Fallout 4" issues, specifically the technical aspect of mods running on PS4, were then being confronted by Bethesda prior to the conflicts with Sony. Since May, the game has reportedly had mod support on Xbox One.

Mods on PS4 will allow players to change and make their own content through the use of the Creation Kit. In addition, they may not be able to upload the external capabilities with their PS4 mods, but they can use any of the assets that may come with the game like most mods do.

"Fallout 4" mod on PS4 is expected to be given much attention by Bethesda as soon as things begin to run smoothly on their other games,  IGN reported.

Meanwhile, there are notable details that players need to know regarding "Fallout 4's" PS4 mod release. Among these is the improved game content that comes with free updates and DLC.

"Fallout 4" mods for PS4 installation is still unknown, although a lot are expecting a solid catalog to come when the PS4 mods finally go live. In fact, more than 1000 PS4 mod listings were found for the game on Bethesda's marketplace, in which, a number are expected to reappear when mods arrive, GottaBeMobile reported.

Watch video on "Skyrim" Special Edition  and "Fallout 4" getting mod support on PS4 after all here:

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