'Battlefield 1' Gameplay Review: World War 1 Told Through Single Player Mode, 64-Player Multiplayer; Prologue Added


"Battlefield 1" is said to have gone back in history all the way to the World War I. The single player mode has been noted for its storytelling mode with various missions that will also offer players to take on differing roles. There are also various multiplayer modes that will allow up to 64 players.

"Battlefield 1" has been praised for its visuals and sprawling battles. Moreover, the campaign has been broken into six varying war stories with an hour to an added half hour each which will give players control of different soldiers in the various missions.

Going into battle, the player may control a Harlem Hellfighter, an Italian heavy gunner, an Arabian assassin, Australian runner, an American pilot and a British tank driver. The last two are said to be the longest with four missions each while the Italian story has only two missions. The single player storytelling in "Battlefield 1" has been praised for variation for all the roles to be played.

However, some roles are said to be ridiculously long, Forbes reported in their game review. On the other hand, the Australian and Arabian missions were said to be the most balanced missions. Overall, the difficulty of the game is more stretched than focused on a single mission. Moreover, the missions may be alternated and do not have to be played in any particular order.

Meanwhile, "Battlefield 1" will first show a black screen with a message that reminds one of the brutal acts of bloodshed in modern history that became a prelude to worse acts in the coming years. In the prologue, the player will be dropped into trenches in an American battalion under siege. Evidently, the message is clear that no one won in the World War 1 that only resulted in paranoia and secret alliances.

"Battlefield 1" may be a collection of individual novellas focusing on personal stories. The game features an odd-couple pilot partnership, a young soldier lied to about his age and a young woman in the Arab revolt, among others. The game is said to humanize the conflict, Rolling Stone reported. Watch video about World War 1 seen through "Battlefield 1."

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