'Mafia 3' Controversies: Racism, Terrorism Taken Lightly In the Game? 1.03 Patch Rolled Out [VIDEO]

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"Mafia 3," the open world crime thug action game is rumored to have controversial undertones. Apparently, the video game tackles racism and terrorism. The rivalries portrayed in the game involving the black mob, Italian capos and the Haitians are said to portray race war with implicit "NO COLORED ALLOWED" signs all over the game.

The protagonist in "Mafia 3" is Lincoln Clay who is a mixed-race soldier returning from Vietnam to the fictional city of New Bordeaux inspired by the New Orleans city. Clay is set on joining the so-called family business in an African-American mob. For one, Clay is tasked to steal vehicles from the Irish mob leader Thomas Burke who has connections with the Irish Republican Army (IRA).

However, Burke claims that the vehicles are used to keep the Belfast law guessing when things will go boom, Hot Hardware reported. Furthermore, the stolen cars were said to be intended for a decade-long period of turmoil known as "The Troubles". This conflict is between the Irish paramilitaries with the IRA and the British security forces. However, "The Troubles" is also seen as making trivial the suffering of innocent victims and taking the evil of terrorism lightly, Unionist politician MP Jeffrey Donaldson noted. The game may have also glamorized terrorism where it had a devastating impact on human life, the MLA of the Traditional Unionist Voice party Jim Allister said.

In other news a new patch 1.03 for "Mafia 3" is now available for PS4 users. The game has been known to have several bugs and glitches. The official Twitter account for the game reads a new hotfix to improve stability was released for PS4 players. Updates for all other gaming platforms are also said to be in the works.

The "Mafia 3" update weighs a hefty 137.9 MB, WCC Tech reported. However, there are still no full patch notes released as of this writing. The update just notes a generic "General fixes and improvements" message. Update reviews are slated to roll out soon regarding the new update. Watch video about "MAFIA 3" NEWS - Graphics Upgrade Coming to PS4 Pro, Xbox Scorpio! Patch and DLC's!

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