Han Solo Directors Discuss Alden Ehrenreich’s ‘Audition Pentathlon’ [Video]


After auditioning literally thousands of actors, directors weigh in why they chose Alden Ehrenreich to play our favorite space-faring pirate, Han Solo. Touted as the worst kept secret in Star Wars universe Alden Ehrenreich, the "Hail, Caesar!" actor was confirmed to have bagged the coveted role of playing the young Han Solo.

Ehrenreich was finally chosen among a final 100. Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller declared that the auditions were not an easy process for everyone. Han Solo is one of the iconic characters in the whole franchise and they needed someone with the ability to honor what has come before, but also make the character his own.

The arduous selection process might be extreme but they had to make sure to find the best fit. When working with an iconic character known to millions, it is best to play safe and put into consideration that Disney and LucasFilm are planning a trilogy for Han Solo. From what we have seen of Ehrenreich in "Hail, Caesar!" one can say, he is very talented and should be able to deliver and give new breath to Han Solo.

It is interesting to note that directors Lord and Miller said that Ehrenreich was actually the first person to audition for the part when asked by USA today after they officially announced Ehrenreich as the new Han Solo. Miller in response said that Alden pretty much went through an audition pentathlon, going up against many strong competitors but he was consistent from the first minute. Miller also said in the report that Ehrenreich was the first person who auditioned out of literally thousands. He made them believe that he will grow into the character we all know.

A report from Movieweb said Ehrenreich is the only confirmed cast member to date. It was also reported that the directors would be casting Sana Solo, who is Han Solo's first wife. Additional reports say the choice is now down to four actresses.

The still untitled Han Solo feature is coming to screens on May 25, 2018.

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