Kid Flash: Actor Keiynan Lonsdale Didn’t Expect Transition Into Kid Flash So Soon [VIDEO]

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We knew that Wally West (Lonsdale) will eventually turn into the fastest teen alive but Lonsdale did not expect it would be so soon.

Keiynan Lonsdale debuted as Wally West during the midseason finale of CW's "The Flash" Season 2. The character of Wally is the son Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) with his estranged wife and brother to Iris (Candice Patton)

In "The Flash" Season 2 episode 20, Wells (Tom Cavanagh) and Barry (Grant Gustin) risk recreating the accident that gave the latter his Speed Force powers. Later scenes, we saw Wally and Jesse Chamber Wells (Violett Beane) were zapped by the particle accelerator, rendering them unconscious.

After the events that transpired in the episode, speculations abound that Wally and Jesse might exhibit their metahuman abilities as speedsters Kid Flash and Jesse Quick. However, this did not materialize towards the end of Season 2. It was confirmed though that in "The Flash" Season 3, Wally West will gain Speed Force powers and will assume the name Kid Flash in this Flashpoint storyline.

During Comic Con 2016, Lonsdale was asked if he realized that he would end up wearing the Kid Flash suit so quickly, wherein he replied , "No, not so quickly. I had an idea it would happen eventually..." In a CW featurette, he said he wasn't expecting the transition so soon, and added that because it's Flashpoint, anything can happen. The prospect of an exciting third season is imminent as we see Wally in the familiar yellow and red costume that is faithful to the comic representation.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that Flashpoint would not last the whole of Season 3. According to ComicBookMovie, The CW president Mark Pedowitz said during the Television Critics Association press tour  that "The Flashpoint exercise is only for a couple episodes before it comes back in." More likely, The Flash will revert to its original timeline somewhere along the season.

Little is known at this point what "The Flash" Season 3 will be like, other than the confirmed transition of Wally West into Kid Flash, the Reverse Flash returning and the debut of The Mirror Master.

"The Flash" returns to The CW on Tuesday, Oct. 4 at 8/7c.

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