Tech In The Classroom: The Best Note-Taking Apps For Students


Note-taking has evolved from scribbling to typing. Students nowadays are so fortunate to have digital tools at their disposal for the classroom.

The Ubyssey shared nine of the best note-taking apps that students can use. Some are available for both iOS and Android users while others are exclusive to one or the other.

1. Evernote

Available in Google Play and Apple's App Store, this note-taking app is probably the most popular software ever. It has a free basic plan which can be upgraded to $46.99/year for Plus and $89.99/year for Premium.

2. Penultimate

This is a free note-taking app which is only available at the App Store. It is deemed as the "best digital handwriting on iPad" since it allows users to handwrite, draw diagrams as well as doodle on their notes.

3. Scannable

Another iOS exclusive app, Scannable is a free app that allows users to scan documents and turn it into a PDF file. This is a branch of the Evernote family.

4. Google Docs

Part of the Google Drive system, Google Docs is cloud-based which makes reviewing notes easier from any mobile device. It is also good for collaborative studying; available on Google Play and the App Store.

5. Microsoft Word

This classic word processor has a "notebook layout view" that allows students to keep their notes for multiple classes on a digital notebook. It is free for the University of British Columbia students.

6. Microsoft OneNote

It is also free for UBC students and is also available on Google Play and the App Store. It allows users to add audio recordings, handwritten scribbles as well as writing on top of images.

7. GoodReader

This PDF document reader allows users to draw on the document. Students can also highlight sections of text, sign their names and doodle while reading. It is available on the App Store at $4.99.

8. Dropbox

While this is a file-sharing app, it can help students share their notes easily to their classmates. It is free on Google Play and the App Store but can be upgraded to premium.

9. Apple Notes

Its latest version allows note-taking in rich text format. It also features bookmarking websites, drawing and sketching, handwritten notes and lists. It is free for all Apple devices.

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