'Avatar 2' Resurrects Two Characters; Stephen Lang To Return In 'Avatar 2'? [VIDEO]


"Avatar 2" will be heading off to the big screen. Despite of fans' expectation to see the movie during the last part of the year, it will not happen as expected, since its production is still going on. The expected showing of the film will be around 2018. 

The character of Stephen Lang as Colonel Quaritch did not last until the end of the movie; however, it was recently revealed by the writer/director of "Avatar 2" that he would be resurrected, wherein the actor was surprised by this news.

In an interview with Lang by Cinema Blend, he discussed about the future of "Avatar." He did expect that there will be a sequel to "Avatar," wherein he had a discussion with James Cameron after "Avatar's" hit record-breaking numbers in 2009. He said that the latter just told him that his character will be coming back.

On top of this news, Lang looked back about the memory he had when making the hit film. Cameron did not just intend "Avatar" to be a one movie part, instead, he worked for it to become an epic blockbuster film. He even added that Cameron has already made a picture about Quatrich's come back.

Sigourney Weaver is also said to come back, along with Stephen. "Avatar 2" will feature exactly the same cast as the first "Avatar" movie, which stars Zoe Zaldana and Sam Worthington, M Stars News reported.

During the early part of this year, Cameron has been working on four "Avatar" sequels, which will be premiering on December 2018, 2020, 2022, and 2023. For the past seven years, the writer/director had spent creating the four scripts for the sequels, and he plans to shoot all four sequels simultaneously.


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