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Wrestling News: Goldberg Set To Appear in Third WWE RAW? [VIDEO]


Brock Lesnar's advocate and representative, Paul Heyman, posed a dare to Goldberg for a one-one. This challenge was announced on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw.

Goldberg quickly made his response via Twitter, saying that he accepts the challenge for next week's edition of RAW LIVE, according to Forbes.

Rumors spread that these two fighters will be facing off for the "Survivor Series"; however, WWE has also talked about a fight between the two in "WrestleMania 33." As of the moment, WWE may opt for the "Survivor Series" plan. On the contrary, the creative team of WWE has already made plans for the major roles of the two superstars - in time for their annual biggest event, as well as the biggest event in pro wrestling which is the 'WrestleMania'.

Currently Goldberg has a record of 1-0 over Lesnar. The 'Survivor Series' is a chance for Lesnar to obtain a 1-1 score, just to make the both of them even. If this would happen, it will lead to a chance for a third and final match (rubber match) between the two. WWE is looking for other avenues for both superstars, so that they can also experience their own big matches during the premier event of WWE, Wrestling Inc reported.

A Lesnar/Rock match was being put into mind by WWE. However, this is not yet possible as of the moment because of Rock's prior commitments and movie stints. There is also an idea about a Goldberg vs Undertaker match.

However, WWE still prefers a mega-fight between Cena and Undertaker. This match may be put on hold just to give way to the "WWE vs WCW" angle through the Goldberg/Undertaker match. This is if Taker will continue with his career past WrestleMania 33. It is not yet clear if what Goldberg's deal with WWE is, but it seems to be more than just a match with Lesnar. 


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