Natsume Season 5 And Berserk Anime And More For College Students This Halloween


Are you a college student looking for some anime to help you enjoy the next few weeks leading up to Halloween? Here are some bloody, horrific and even gentle anime series for those who wants some Halloween prep for October.

Jasmine Cummings was able to come up with a list of four anime that is supernaturally inclined for Halloween 2016.

1. Natsume Yuujinchou (Natsume's Book of Friends) - This anime is about a boy named Natsume. Natsume is a boy with supernatural abilities. He can see spirits, called youkai. Unfortunately, according to Uloop, these youkai are not friendly. This series is not bloody and violent but it does hit the core if an emotional roller coaster is your thing.

2. Mushishi - Want a more calmer anime series? Mushishi follows Ginko, an occult detective that investigates ethereal life forms that has adverse effects on normal living thingsg. If you want an evening full of strange fascinating tales of ocean life, this is the show for you.

3. Terra Formars - If you want something horrific and bloodier, Terra Formars could be your liking. Imagine that the Earth is dying (or dead) and Mars is the only hope. Mars gets seeded by a modified algea to oxygenate the atmosphere with the addition of roaches to nourish the planet. Five hundred years later, instead of finding a paradise, the astronauts who visit were met with hell. Picture mutated humanoid roach bugs. And the characters die without warning in the show, too. It is a little graphic and violent compared to the two above.

4. Berserk - Considered as one of the darkest and bloodiest series. It touches the emotional, physical, mental and psychological core of the viewer. Find Guts, a mercenary who travels everywhere and cuts down anything in his way as an act of revenge. If this spells psycho killer, then it is a perfect Halloween treat for viewers.

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