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Meryl Streep Supports Michelle Obama In Education Campaign


When United States First Lady Michelle Obama calls on everybody to support her campaign towards education, Meryl Streep answers.

The veteran actress, Meryl Streep, heeds the First Lady's call in the recent CNN Documentary, "We Will Rise."

Michelle Obama has been very vocal about the need to elevate global educational opportunities for young girls and women everywhere. And to make sure her campaign gets some more attention, Meryl Streep steps up, according to Gulf News.

Emma Watson and Michelle Obama are not the only ones traveling to different countries to fight for girls' right to education. Streep travels to Marrakesh, Morroco where she sits down with young women about their struggles. What hinders them from pursuing an education? There are cultural, safety, economic and health challenges that prohibits them from getting an education.

According to the US Agency for International Development, over 62 million girls around the world are not in school.

Streep expresses her commitment to the film and campaign's cause. The actress confesses that she is involved and has always been interested with these issues for a long time. She has worked and continues to work with different organizations that promotes Equality and Women. Such as Equality Now, Donors Direct Action, Women for Women International and Women in the World.

This Academy Award winning actress steps up as a correspondent in "We Will Rise: Michelle Obama's Mission to Educate Girls Around the World." "We Will Rise" is a documentary film that is going to premiere on Wednesday night on CNN. "We Will Rise" is a CNN Films and Documentary Group production.

Meryl Streep hopes that the film inspires people to get involved and that everybody wakes up and heed the call.

For Streep, if they have one person in their lives who says, "I think you can do this," that's all they need.

Watch out for the documentary film "We Will Rise" on CNN this Wednesday night.

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