Cowboys Dak Prescott’s College To Football Career Is Going Well


NFL star Dak Prescott is one athlete no one expected to succeed so well. As rookie of the year, he might just end up as the MVP.

Which is why some say that his transition from college to his spot in the Cowboys is quite spectacular. Dak Prescott started his higher education in Mississippi State. According to CBS Sports, Prescott has rushed 504 times to Dallas in his final three years. In Dallas, he rushed 20 times in just six games. And in that period, he has completed over 68% of his passes with one single interception.

Calling it remarkable, it seems the playbook in Dallas is similar to his playbook at Mississippi State. According to Prescott, his passing game in college is very similar to that of what is in the NFL. "The only difference is, I go under center sometimes," Prescott confesses. Often times, the NFL implements plays from a college playbook to make the player feel comfortable. But with Prescott, he worked his way into the Cowboys offense smoothly. For Prescott, he felt luck was on his side.

He explains that he was relieved to find out that the plays he used to run in college were similar. In that way, he was able to connect with the plays. And he works well working under center. He adds that his coaches helped him a lot. Coaches Garrett, Linehan and Wilson have had a hand in planting things in his head. He also remembers watching plays on video and he would go off and study them. He remembers staying up for days because he was fascinated with a certain style of play.

He recalls their "great coaching" moments. Prescott is currently representing the Buffalo Wild Wings for the Boys & Girls Club of America. He helps the kids set up a newly renovated field and play a game of football.

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