What Students Can Do To Promote Good Learning


Learning, similar to communication, is a two-way process. Teachers need to be able to convey what they want their students to learn adeptly while students need to be receptive to what the educators teach.

Recently, it was reported that video games could become a tool for education since it could facilitate learning for students. Research suggests that students who are successful in playing video games were able to get higher scores on standardized tests compared to students who spent a lot of their time on social media.

Gaming can benefit students through personalized learning. It can also help them develop their creativity.

The Chronicle of Higher Education created a list of the 10 things that students can do to promote good learning. These were collected from professor Anne Curzan's students.

1. Students should expect to learn everyday. More than just getting a good grade, students should focus on what they're learning and what they want to learn.

2. Participate. Don't be afraid to share your opinion since your instructor would care to listen to what you have to say.

3. Always ask questions. This would show your interest in learning about the topic in class.

4. Listen to your classmates. Don't distract other people as much as possible since this may hinder their learning.

5. Come prepared. Give priority to your assignments instead of cramming on it so that you have time to get a gist of what the upcoming topic will be.

6. Learn to get help. Ask for assistance if you are finding a topic difficult.

7. Connect with your professors. Talk to them. You'll be surprised at how passionate they are about what they're teaching.

8. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Continue to improve and understand that learning can be uncomfortable.

9. Talk to your classmates and support them. However, don't distract them during class hours.

10. Understand that your instructor is also a human being with needs. Sometimes, they'll feel tired and not up to teaching a class. Continue to listen to them and learn what you need to learn.

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