MacBook Pro 2016 Updates: Apple’s Tight-Lipped About the New Mac Release Date Could Only Mean One Thing [VIDEO]


The mysterious Apple October event has made everyone curious and started to rely on reports for updates on MacBook Pro 2016 release date. But thorough investigations on the silence of the tight-lipped tech giant Apple has led to a conclusion - find out here!

Several rumors about the launching of MacBook Pro 2016 have surfaced the online community and sent the Apple fans to excitement. This is when speculated features of the portable machine have started overflowing both from reliable and unverified sources.

However, none of those got direct confirmation from Apple. Not even a single clue or hint regarding the presumed October Apple event where products like MacBook Pro 2016, iMac and iPad Pro are expected to be introduced.

But the hope still remains and others started to speculate again that Apple is heading towards introducing biggest surprises for the October 27 event. In fact, Express revealed the possibility of MacBook Pro 2016 unveiling at the end of October when Apple rescheduled their fourth quarter earnings call.

Furthermore, it is also expected from Apple to reveal new products that are never-seen before or the possibility of having a MacBook Pro 2016 that runs an Intel Kaby Lake processor according to Forbes. In a nutshell, Apple's silence over the long rumored unveiling at the end of October might be a sign of better things to come.

Nevertheless, loyal Apple fans are still expecting the MacBook Pro 2016 to hit the store shelves before the year ends most especially those who patiently waited for it since its last major overhaul in 2012. They became more excited when they heard about the inclusion of an OLED touch panel and the mysterious and elegant "magic keyboard" with E ink display.

For whatever reasons Apple had in mind regarding the long standing silence over MacBook Pro 2016 release date, only the technology titan knows. But the fans will just keep waiting for the day when the new macs will be released for sale. 

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