Gender Inequality

Ph.D. In Mathematics And Engineering Fields of Specialization Dominated By Males According To Research [Video]

Feb 10, 2017 AM EST Male students taking Ph.D. program in the field of mathematics and engineering ...

Michelle Obama on Girls' Challenges In Education: Hurdles In Opportunities

Oct 19, 2016 AM EDT During Michelle Obama’s live feed, Liberian girls discuss their hurdles to their education.

Meryl Streep Supports Michelle Obama In Education Campaign

Oct 18, 2016 AM EDT Actress Meryl Streep gets behind First Lady Michelle Obama in her educational initiative.

’Beauty And The Beast’ Actress Emma Watson Says Child Marriage Hinders Girls' Education

Oct 13, 2016 AM EDT Emma Watson continues to fight for girls everywhere.

Dakota Fanning Empowers Girls Everywhere To Go To School And Right To Education

Oct 13, 2016 AM EDT Actress Dakota Fanning champions education during International Day of the Girl.

Harry Potter’s Emma Watson Talks About Gender Inequality In Education

Sep 27, 2016 AM EDT Emma Watson champions the United Nations against gender inequality.

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