MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date: No Major Upgrades for the New Mac Except For These 3 Things [VIDEO]


If you're one of those fans who patiently waits for the most anticipated MacBook Pro 2016 release date, chances are you might get disappointed as several sources are saying that there are no major upgrades for the new Mac. However, there are three things that rumors suggesting that Apple has likely to include in the full revamped of MacBook Pro laptop.


The upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 is expected to run on Intel Skylake chipsets for the processor, replacing the Intel chipsets of the previous models - Haswell for 13-inch and Broadwell for 15-inch. According to Forbes, the current MacBooks are outdated considered as a bad investment and not worth its price anymore, thus, a dire in processor upgrade is anticipated.

Furthermore, since an upgraded processor is highly expected, there is also a rumored changes in graphic chipsets. According to reports, Apple will utilize AMD graphics chipset processor to increase performance by 20 percent compared to the old macs.

OLED Touch Panel

Rumors' suggesting that a "Control Strip" located above the keyboard is likely to be included in MacBook Pro 2016. OLED touch panel is said to be replacing the physical function keys and turn them into a "Dynamic Function Row," Mac Rumors reported.

In addition, Touch ID functionality is also expected to land in MacBook Pro 2016 through a fingerprint sensor located at the power button. Once a Touch ID is activated, users need not to enter any password just to gain access to the device.

Physical Design

MacBook Pro 2016 is said to be thinner and lighter compared to its predecessors but the information about its weight and thickness is limited. Shallower curves, flatter keyboard and wider pressure-sensitive trackpad are expected to land in the new portable machine.

Prices of MacBook Pro 2016 models have yet revealed but others speculate that it will be higher compared to the older versions. Most especially, when there added functionalities such as the Dynamic Function Row and an upgrade on its performance. 

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