Lenovo Yoga Book Review: Addition to Exceptional 2-in-1 PC Tablets Surpassing Surface Pro 4, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 2016? [VIDEO]


Lenovo is known for innovating products up to the extend of having weird but unique products. One example of that is the latest Lenovo Yoga Book, which according to reviews, the craziest addition to exception 2-in-1 PC tablets like Surface Pro 4, iPad Pro, MacBook Air and even MacBook Pro 2016.

Lenovo Yoga Book Features

The newly launched PC tablet of Lenovo is considered by some as the toughest competitor of Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Apple MacBook Air, iPad Pro and even the powerful MacBook Pro 2016. For this reason, the incredibly thin Lenovo Yoga Book is currently making buzz due to its unbearable lightness but powerful specs and features.

On the physical design aspect, Lenovo Yoga Book looks like a 10-inch spiral notebook when folded; however, when it spread out, it quickly transforms back into drawing slate or tablet with 10.1-inch LCD touchscreen, which has a screen resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels that support AnyPen stylus, Digital Trends reported.  

The device is wrapped with magnesium-alluminum alloy attached with Lenovo's signature 360-degree hinge. Yoga Book weighs 1.52 pounds and only 0.38 inches thick, thus, making it as the thinnest tablet available in the market.

One notable thing about Lenovo Yoga Book is its capacitive keyboard that works like QWERTY similar to smartphone. Having no physical keyboard to type with, a haptic feedback or vibration can be felt once the keys are touched.

Once the user taps a button, the table automatically transforms into a drawing slate. This feature works best for the artists who love to sketch. Also, Lenovo Yoga Book best fits to the note takers who love to take notes using the magnetic pad of paper built within the device.

Lenovo Yoga Book Price  

The device runs two operating system - Android and Windows 10. Android version cost starts at $500 and Windows 10 costs $550 and up. According to The Verge, the price of Lenovo Yoga Book is worth it, especially when the PC tablet is a futuristic one for having exceptional features. 

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