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'GTA 6' Release Date Confirmed For E3 2017? Much-Awaited Sequel To 'GTA 5' Likely To Be VR And 4K Ready [RUMORS]


Looks like the seemingly long wait for a "GTA 5" sequel will finally be over at next year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 2017).

Avid gamers have been waiting with bated breath for Rockstar Games to shed more light on its highly anticipated action-adventure video game, "GTA 6," but much to their dismay, the game developer continues to remain mum about the purported title.

Moreover, Rockstar's unexpected absence at Sony's event further led "GTA" fans to hazard a guess that "GTA 6" is already cancelled. But if latest reports are anything to go by, the much awaited sequel to current "GTA 5" will be released at E3 2017, VR (virtual reality) and 4K ready.

It has been years since "Grand Theft Auto 5" hit the store shelves and "GTA" buffs are going berserk waiting for the game's next installment. Also, hopeful fans were left disappointed as Rockstar did not even mention "GTA 6' during the recently concluded Sony's event.

While some reports claim Rockstar releasing "GTA 6" is imminent, few others allude to the gaming studio's decision to concentrate more to their aging "GTA 5" title, further augmenting it by rolling out more DLCs (Downloadable Content), according to VineReport.

Further cementing this theory, a few recent reports have indicated that Rockstar is currently hard at works on a new project which is regrettably not a sequel to "GTA 5." That being said, it looks like Rockstar does not plan to release the purported sequel anytime soon.

It can be recalled that the popular game maker has a penchant for having extremely long breaks before delving into another main sequel for the "GTA" game series. Accordingly, if the game developer sticks to its release pattern, the sixth game will be released in 2018 or even beyond since "GTA 5" has merely reached its third-year mark.

Some early rumors hint that "GTA 6" is likely to be set either in New York or in Miami and that it will feature a female protagonist which will be voiced by Eva Mendez. In addition, there will another character in the game that will be voiced by Ryan Gosling, Eva's partner in real life.

Meanwhile, the studio is gearing up to release another game segment for "GTA Online" dubbed as, "Bikers," according to a recent post on Rockstar Newswire.

Though the release date of the said game is still undercover, there's a hearsay that the purported expansion will allow players to come up with a state-of-the-art motorcycle club equipped with their own pad and mechanic. But that's not all! Players can put up businesses within the game to garner more cash and further establish their eminence as a biker collective.

Amidst speculations hinting that Rockstar may have nailed the coffin shut on "GTA 6," rumor mills have not ceased swirling speculations around the purported game indicating that the Rockstar will dish out a sequel to "Grand Theft Auto 5" set in a different timeline and location and with VR support.

Having mentioned this, readers are advised to take these fan theories and speculations with a huge grain of salt until Rockstar Games either debunks or confirms them.

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