Google Pixel Phone Review: 3 Things Why Nexus Phones are Way Better than Pixel Phones According to Developers [VIDEO]


The reported demise of Nexus phones have sparked disappointment to some developers by saying that the lineup is better than the newly launched Pixel phones. In a developer's perspective, is there really a wide gap between Nexus and Pixel phones?  

Though Google has not confirmed about the discontinuation of Nexus brand, they have made an announcement during the Oct. 4 event that there will be no more Nexus smartphones production in the future. For this reason, fans, especially the developers, have become disappointed over the news.

The following reasons will let you know why Nexus are highly appreciated by developers compared to the newly launched Google Pixel phones:

Open-Source Nature

One of the unique characteristics found in Nexus lineup is the smartphones' open-source nature. This characteristic refers to the original code of the software that can be modified freely. According to Android Headlines, because of the openness of Nexus, the phones can be completely unlocked.

Unlockable Boot Loader

Nexus phones come with unlockable boot loader that can be easily rooted. Through the boot loader, Nexus phones are able to open their doors to custom ROMs such as CyanogenMod and custom recovery software. For this reason, Nexus phones are open to modification through the use of custom ROMs.   

First in Line for Updates

Nexus phones are always first in in when receiving Android monthly updates and security patches. For this reason, Nexus phones will never blink even if it's loaded. Also, the phone runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow dubbed as the purest form of Android.

Nexus 6P Sales Increase

Just when everybody thought that Google Pixel phones' sales will increase after Samsung Galaxy Note 7 global recall, Forbes reported that the biggest beneficiary is the Nexus 6P. Due to the model's display feature, a 5.7-inch AMOLED screen with 64GB storage capacity, consumers are likely to see Nexus 6P as the best alternative for the Note 7. 


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