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Jesse Williams, Amy Poehler And More In ’America Divided’: Challenging America’s Education And Justice System


Many celebrities are working hard to fight inequality. It is present in the workplace, in school, and even in culture. And here comes a new show that challenges that. 'America Divided' is a new documentary series airing on EPIX. And it is a documentary that challenges the status quo, exposing the system's injustice.

The show has Solly Granatstein and Rick Rowley on board with Lucien Read. These "cineactivists" brings 'America Divided', a new documentary series that brings personalities forward to speak out.

Amy Poehler, America Ferrera, Jesse Williams, Shonda Rhimes, Zach Galifianakis and Peter Sarsgaard are just some of the names that joined this series. They dig deep into the issues plaguing America, cites Capital and Main. The series talks about the housing issues, education system, the criminal justice system and the undocumented and domestic workers in the country, and drugs. All these and more are the effects of a systematic inequality.

'America Divided' premiered on September 30 and it already struck a nerve. In one of the episodes, actor Jesse Williams brought cameras with him and initiated change. A school board agreed to reforms after gaining national attention. After citing poverty, Williams' presence was part of the driving force that pushed the school board to "make a whole series of concessions to parents and families." The episode brought facts forward which became the basis for a Southern Poverty Law Center civil rights lawsuit against the county.

Rowley explains that the story on education draws out a systemic nature of inequality in America. Because there are people struggling with these issues. It was only when Rowley and other personalities brought in cameras that the gears started turning.

Rowely hopes that his story on Pinellas County, where residents there are now organizing to make effective changes in the education system, will become a catalyst to all schools suffering the same issue. Inequality is a commonality in all of these issues.

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