Transformers’ Star Josh Duhamel Is Secretly A Minot State University Graduate


Some celebrities and actors take their higher education courses in line with their passion. They take performing arts or theater to hone their crafts in acting. But interestingly enough, there are those, like Josh Duhamel, who took a degree outside of their career line.

Josh Duhamel is actually a biology graduate of Minot State University. How did the Transformers actor end up choosing biology?

Born in 1972, the actor did not think he would enter the Hollywood industry. Initially, he planned to attend dental school. However, he dropped out just 1.5 credits shy upon earning his undergraduate degree. However, he later on returned and received his degree in 2005. Can you imagine Josh as your dentist?

In his youth, he also attended Minot State University. He transferred to biology because his grades in dental school were not good enough. In that school, he played as the quarterback for the university's football team. According to Top Universities, he took biology in the North Dakota school. And if you can't picture him as your dentist, you are probably picturing him wearing a labcoat and fiddling with a microscope, aren't you?

However, he did not get into acting right away. He explains that after college, he followed an ex-girlfriend to Northern California and took odd jobs. He even got a stunt as a model and took home a Male Model of the Year Award competing against Ashton Kutcher. He only started acting when he starred in a Donna Summer music video. Not to mention his appearance in Christina Aguilera's 'Genie in A Bottle.'

Now, he is known as the one of the lead actors in the 'Transformers' film series (in the first three movies). He also dabbled in romantic movies such as 'When in Rome.' Josh Duhamel is currently starring in Bryan Singer's new series Battle Creek. But if his career does not pan out when he retires, he can always go back as a biologist or researcher, or even a dentist.

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