'Lucifer' Season 2 News & Spoilers: Episode 3 'Sin-Eater' Recap & Preview Of Episode 4 Titled 'Lady Parts' [VIDEO]


"Lucifer" Season 2 immediately dealt with Lucifer's dilemma of his mom's escape from hell. The first 2 episodes of Season 2 features Lucifer's search for her mother, and eventually dealing with her new identity.

Episode 2 left fans with Lucifer finally decides to not take her mother back to hell, and Detective Chloe Decker is still encountering difficulties interacting with her estranged husband, Dan who is now demoted to police officer. While all of these things are happening, it was hinted that Amenadiel is slowly losing his divine powers.

In Episode 3, from a report by TV Fanatic, audiences are brought into the same formulaic beats that has been going on in the past episodes, with Lucifer and Detective Decker taking on a case with Lucifer having epiphanies about how the case ties-in with his personal issues.

This episode sees the "devilish" duo hunting down a serial killer that punish people for posting offensive and hurtful videos on a video streaming platform called, "Wobble." During the episode, Lucifer also has to handle her mother, who is trying to fit in and learn more about her new environment. Detective Decker deals with how his strained relationship with Dan is affecting their daughter, Trixie.

Other things to note about the episode, according to iTechPost, is Amenadiel's struggle with slowly losing his powers. Especially with the slow deterioration of his wings, that could be looked at as similar to how Lucifer is also losing his powers from time to time. Amenadiel is also keeping it a secret from everyone, including Lucifer.

Mazikeen also continues to abhor Lucifer's mom, and continues to confide with Dr. Linda Martin about her struggle to find her place in her new world. Lucifer and Detective Decker eventually discovers the truth about the killings, and the serial killer has been apprehended.

Right at the end of the episode, Amenadiel discovers that their mom is at Lucifer's place, and made peace with her. Lucifer then came to decision that she should not be sent back to hell, but instead, live out the life of the body that she possessed.

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